Write an ebook in 14 days

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Click here to get a printable, one-page cheatsheet featuring all the mistakes you absolutely must avoid when writing your first ebook.

eBooks: Idea to Amazon in 14 Days, By Marnie Swedberg

A step by step guide to help you transform your thought pattern in order to transform your life in all areas. Those steps have been proven to work not only for the author of this book, but for all those who have applied them into their lives. An open window for a new beginning and a new way to look at life.

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Feb 22,  · Christ Fox has recently gone full-time as an author, and he’s doing the 21 day challenge. He is going to write a full novel in 14 days, edit in 7 days, then publish it!

Now I can’t do the editing bit, my editor is books and I already have three books booked in with him starting in March.

Write an ebook in 14 days
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Write an eBook in 14 Days by Terry Heath