National high school essay contest american foreign service association

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National High School Essay Contest

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Imagine you are a member of the U.S. Foreign Service —– a diplomat working to promote peace, support prosperity, and protect American citizens while advancing the interests of the U.S. abroad —– and are now assigned to a post in one of these four countries.

American Foreign Service Association - National High School Essay Contest is open to to 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders.

American Foreign Service Association

The Imagine you're a U.S. Ambassador Scholarship. Home / College Discussion / High School Life. New Discussion. Contests. catchinginfinity then you have a chance at the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) essay.

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Google it. Local music competitions are generally cool. If you wanted to, you could try for a contest like AFAF, which is a national music contest. There's also.

AFSA National Scholarship Essay Contest

High schoolers. The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) and the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) sponsors this essay contest to engage students in foreign relations, international politics, and current events.

15 SCHOLARSHIPS FOR ‘B’ STUDENTS. American Foreign Service Association National Essay Contest. Deadline: April 15 Award: $2, This contest is for high school students whose parents are not in the US Foreign Service. To qualify, applicants must be US citizens.

To apply, applicants must write an essay on a topic related to the Foreign. The American Foreign Service Association’s (AFSA) National High School Essay Contest, now in its 18th year, encourages students to think critically and write a research paper about building peace through diplomacy.

National high school essay contest american foreign service association
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American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) High School Essay Contest -