Mobile phones in schools

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Schools seek balance for cellphones in class

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Mobile phone use in schools

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Schools that ban mobile phones see better academic results

Conversely schools banned mobile phones, test many of students involved 16 increased by 6. Mobile phones with a connection to the Internet (therefore, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular — and potentially dangerous — social media apps) can be even more.

"Mobile phones in the classroom can be disruptive," says a spokesman for teachers union the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), "and their use should be the subject of an explicit school policy.

Most schools now allow students to have cell phones but require them to be turned off during class because they can be disruptive and distracting.

Read on for the pros and cons of allowing cell phones in school to help make the right decision for your child.

A mere 12 percent have no cell phone. Those numbers come from a survey by the Pew Research Center in Washington, D.C.

French school students to be banned from using mobile phones

Some 90 percent of teens with cell phones send texts. All our schools embrace technology and the latest tools of innovation in education: mobile phones are just one way in which learning can be enhanced by technology, with school leaders being best.

After schools banned mobile phones, test scores of students aged 16 increased by % of a standard deviation, which means that it added the equivalent of five days to the school year.

Mobile phones in schools
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