Later school times

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Despite Benefits, Many Parents of Teens Against Later School Start Times

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Research has shown that adolescents benefit from later school start times in order to help students get a sufficient amount of Fairfax County School Board approved a recommendation for starting high schools later, between 8 and a.m.

and ending between and p.m. This has led to calls for later school start times for teenagers to align more closely with their bodies’ biology.

What the research shows A major study published in examined the impact of later start times on 9, US teenagers.

Beginning in fallschool start times will change to better align with sleep research that shows benefits for teenagers who start school later in the morning. The changes include: Changing the start times for secondary schools to a.m. Calls to start school later for teens are being heard in one South Jersey school district.

Burlington City schools are pushing back start times for most grades with the school year. Home >> Sleep News >> Backgrounder: Later School Start Times Adolescents today face a widespread chronic health problem: sleep deprivation. Although society often views sleep as a luxury that ambitious or active people cannot afford, research shows that getting enough sleep is a biological necessity, as important to good health as eating well.

Your teenager wants to sleep later and now his doctor agrees.

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Middle and high school students shouldn’t have to start school until in the morning or later, the American Academy of.

Later school times
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